Think you may have fallen for a scam?

    Investigate & Report suspicious scams

    The occurrence of cryptocurrency scams is on the rise, both in terms of scale and frequency. By reporting your case, you enhance the likelihood of recovering your funds while also contributing to a safer web3 ecosystem for all users.

    Enhance the likelihood of recovery by taking a stand against fraudulent activities!

    Scammers create new tactics to defraud victims every day.

    ReportBlockchainScam aids law enforcement in various jurisdictions by connecting multiple reports of the same fraudulent activity, increasing the likelihood of successfully retrieving funds or assets.

    • Reporting scams aids in their discovery by others.
    • It notifies the search engines of their existence.
    • Prevents additional harm to the public.
    • Improve recovery chances

    ReportBlockchainScam does not receive payment for referral = Zero cost for investigation


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